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What is Smark?

Smark is the first online parking reservation application in Indonesia. Provides convenience for #CariParkirTanpaMikir

How to Register?

If you want to register as a smark user, you can do the following:

Option 1: Manual signup
a. Open the application, click “sign up”
b. fill in the required information, and please ensure that the email has never been registered before

Option 2: Google signup
a. Open the application, click “google signin”
b. Once you are on the google page, input your google account email and password so you will be redirected back to the app page
c. Fill in the required information

Where can I download the SMARK application?

The SMARK app can be downloaded at the Apple Store and Google Play.

Why my account cam not be activated?

Some reasons why you failed to activate your smark account:

1. You have not received an Activation email yet
Solution: Check if the Email is filtered or removed to the SPAM folder
Solution: Doing FORGOT PASSWORD on the app page

2. You have received the Email, but the URL could not be clicked
Solution: Copy the URL and paste it into your browser's address bar to open the link manually.

How to reserve parking?

If you want a parking reservation, you can take the following steps:

1. Choose the location you want
2. Choose your car
3. Select your payment method (Balance/Cash)
4. Ensure that the booking fee is appeared
5. Click "book" button

After that you can see the details of the reservation you have done on the page “my bookings”

How to cancel my reservation?

If you wish to cancel your existing reservation, do the following steps:

1. Enter to the page “my bookings”
2. Choose the reservation you want to cancel
3. Click the "cancel" button

Your reservation will be canceled. But there is a cancellation fee when it is more than 5 minutes from reservation time. The cancellation fee for each location is different

How to add my balance?

If you want to add a balance, do the following steps:

Option 1: Online Top-Up
a. Enter to the page “topup”
b. Select the amount of balance you want
You can make payments via DOKU wallet, ATM transfers, and credit cards.

Option 2: On-the-spot Top-Up
a. Can use the debit / credit card / Cash at every smark entry area

How do I change my email and phone number in the app?

If you wish to change your account data, perform the following steps:

1. Enter to the page “profile”
2. You can make changes to email data, passwords, phone, and other personal data

How do I report a problem?

Whenever you get into trouble, you can do things like this:

1. In-app issues:
Solution 1: Enter to the page “help”
Solution 2: Email to "info@smarkparking.com" via the email you registered in the app
then tell us the problem you are experiencing as completely as possible so that our team can help you as soon as possible.

2. Problems in the smark parking area:
Solution 1: Contact the smark officer who is always on location, then ask for copies of complaints